On August 5th, the air horns will sound and the inaugural Brecon Carreg Barry Island 10K will be underway. With summer approaching, it’s time to start thinking ahead. Now starts your 10K training and here we are to help.

1) Enter the race – The Brecon Carreg Barry Island 10K is proving to be a popular one. We’ve only a limited amount of entries left, so if you’re hoping to take on our sunny seaside resort 10K this August, it’s best to sign up now!

2) Build up to 10K – This is especially true in the summer months. Leaving yourself with too much to do in July isn’t good for your body, especially through the humid, sunny months. Start slow now and build up and you’ll feel all the better for it come August.

3) Hydration – We’re lucky to have Brecon Carreg water on board. Throughout your training, have hydration at the forefront of your mind and never head out for a training run without it being safe to do so.

4) Visit Barry Island – If you haven’t already, familiarise yourself with the route and get used to parts of the course before race day. Doing that gives you very little to worry about on the day and helps you to prepare for the unique challenges of a seaside 10K.

5) Work on hills – Now you’ve seen some of the route, you might have noticed a couple of hills! They’re challenging, but certainly not anything a beginner runner should be worried about. Practice really does make perfect when it comes to hill running. Refine your technique and reap the rewards on race day!

6) Get used to the wind – Being by the sea, it’s likely to be windy. There’s not much you can do to ‘beat’ the wind other than accept it. It may alter your time, but getting used to running in windy conditions can help to give you a mental advantage when the day comes.

7) Build a plan – Every runner’s goal is different. If you’re a first-timer, tailor your plan according to your first few training runs. If you’ve done this plenty of times before, you’ll know your plan already. If you’re somewhere in between, use previous 10K experiences to plan ahead.

8) Talk with other runners – There’s a community building around the Brecon Carreg Barry Island 10K on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Train and discuss your plans with others and feel more confident at the start line.

9) Run slower – Training isn’t about times, rather keeping fit and ready for August 5th. Keep upping the kilometres you run but save the pace for race day. It’s especially important to stay clear of injury, so training is about running as comfortably as is possible.

10) Train often – A 10K does not need to absorb your life, but you’ll need to train often to avoid race day struggles. Aim to get out 2-3 times a week, perhaps more as August approaches. Don’t forget that rest is just as important, too!

There are still places to secure your spot at the first ever Brecon Carreg Barry Island 10K on August 5th. Join us for a run with summertime fun and fancy dress at the heart. https://bit.ly/2LE8nP0