Cardiff & Vale Health Charity is the official charity of Cardiff and Vale University Health Board which supports all the wards, departments, hospitals, community services and research areas throughout Cardiff and The Vale of Glamorgan.

The Health Charity manages over 300 funds for equipment, research, treatment and patient care so that donations can support work and projects over and above what normal NHS funding provides. Providing cutting-edge research and equipment is central to our charitable role.

In addition, creating a more welcoming and comfortable hospital environment can make a huge difference to patients and their families. Art and music throughout the hospitals, refurbishment projects and some specialist counselling projects are provided by the Health Charity and the Arts for Health and Wellbeing Programme to enhance the patient experience. Many of our Health Charity supporters have a strong wish to thank the hospital staff who have made a difference to them and their families. Through their donations we are able to make hospital areas more comfortable for staff, providing rest areas, drinks facilities and other simple enhancements. Some funding is also used for employee wellbeing and to provide extra support for our dedicated clinical staff.